SSSS 2022

9th Small Systems Simulation Symposium SSSS 2022
Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš, Serbia

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Small Systems Simulation Symposium 2022


HERE you can download Symposium program in PDF

Monday, February 28th

9:30-10:00          Registration

10:00-10:30        Opening ceremony – Welcome speech

10:30-11:00        Plenary session – Vančo Litovski

11:00-12:30        Session I: Chairman – Vančo Litovski

12:30                   Coffee Break

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Tuesday, March 1st

10:00-11:30        Session II: Chairman – Vazgen Melikyan

11:30-12:00        Coffee Break

12:00-13:30        Session III: Chairman – Duško Lukač

13:30                   Cocktail

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Wednesday, March 2nd

10:00-11:00        Poster Session: Chairman – Marko Dimitrijević

11:00-11:30        Coffee Break

11:30-12:30        Round table: Chairman – Miljana Milić – Education and Research Reinforced by University and Industry Synergy

12:30                   Cocktail

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Monday, February 28th   

Plenary session, Science Technology Park – Niš

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Chairman: Vančo Litovski

10:30-11:00       Vančo Litovski, Jelena Milojković, and Slobodan Bojanić – On Cascade Realization of Active Gm-C Filters

Session I, Science Technology Park – Niš

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Chairman: Vančo Litovski

11:00-11:15       Marko Dimitrijević and Vančo Litovski – Non-linear Loads Detection Using Voltage Source with Second Harmonic Injection

11:15-11:30       Borisav Jovanović and Srđan Milenković – PA Linearization in SDR-based Base Station

11:30-11:45       Dejan Milić, Suad Suljović, Nenad Petrović, and Dejan Rančić – GPU-Supported simulation for ABEP

          and QoS analysis of SC receiver with L-branch in k-µ fading and η-µ interference environment

11:45-12:00       Nenad Petrović and Issam Al-Azzoni – Model-Driven Approach to Covid-19 Vaccination

12:00-12:15       Srđan Đorđević – Supervised Non-intrusive Load Monitoring for Non-linear Appliances

12:15-12:30       Dimitrije Krstić, Nađa Gavrilović, and Vladimir Ćirić – Implementation and Evaluation of Network Intrusion

Detection System on Raspberry Pi Device

Tuesday, March 1st

Session II, Science Technology Park – Niš, Virtual session

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Chairman: Vazgen Melikyan

10:00-10:30     Vazgen Melikyan – Keynote speaker – Integrated Circuits: Evolution, Market, Challenges and Solutions

10:30-10:45     Miljan Petrović – Complex Autoregressive Modelling of RR Intervals

10:45-11:00     Goran Stančić, Ivana Kostić, and Petar Stančić – Design of IIR bandstop filters with approximately linear phase

11:00-11:15     Suren Abazyan and Shavarsh Melikyan – Educational Open SPICE Models Nural Network-Based Generation Method

11:15-11:30     Živko Kokolanski and Petar Vidoevski – Design of Virtual Reference Standard for Calibration in University Education

Session III, Science Technology Park – Niš, Virtual session

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Chairman: Duško Lukač

12:00-12:15     Miljan Jeremić, Miljana Milić, Milan Gocić, and Jelena Milojković – A deep learning approach for hydrological

       time-series prediction with ELM model

12:15-12:30     Duško Lukač – Digital Twin in Control Cabinet Construction

12:30-12:45     Malinka Ivanova and Zdravka Tchobanova – The influence of Regression Karnel Function at Predictive Modeling in Electronics

12:45-13:00    Miljana Milić and Milica Kitić – Edge Detection and Image Alignment for Thermal Image Processing in MATLAB

13:00-13:15     Navaneetha Channiganathota Manjappa, Vladica Sark, Jesús Gutiérrez, and Eckhard Grass – TDoA Positioning in Wi-Fi based Systems

13:15-13:30     Mohammed Mokhtari, Jovan Bajčetić, Boban Sazdić-Jotić, and Boban Pavlović – Developing a convolutional recurrent neural

        network for drone classification

Wednesday, March 2nd

10:00-11:00   Poster Session, Faculty of Electronic Engineering

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Chairman: Marko Dimitrijević

P.1.    Igor Kocić, Saša Nikolić, Aleksandra Milovanović, Petar Đekić, and Nikola Danković – Sequential Control of Water Level in Tanks and

Pumps from Remote Location Using Profinet Network

P.2.   Andrija Ćosić, Igor Jovanović, Miona Andrejević Stošović, Dragan Krasić, and Dragan Mančić

Temperature Characteristics of Submandibular Region Tumors Recorded by Thermal Camera

P.3.   Goran Miljković, Dragan Denić, Milan Simić, and Aleksandar Jocić – Redundancy in pseudorandom position encoder operation

P.4.   Dejan Stevanović, Miona Andrejević Stošović, and Milan Savić – Active power monitoring system for load up to 2kW

P.5.   Dejan Mirković and Milena Stanojlović Mirković – Data-Driven Design and Simulation of Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier

P.6.   Dejan Jovanović, Vladimir Stanković, Nenad Cvetković, Dragana Živaljević, Dragan Vučković, and Željko Hederić

Electric Field Distribution in the Vicinity of Dental Implant Exposed to the Electromagnetic Radiation from the Mobile Phone

P.7.   Novak Radivojević and Miona Andrejević Stošović – Prediction of Electricity Consumption in Cold Storage Facility using Gated Recurrent

Unit Neural Networks

P.8.   Nenad Petrović – VHDL Logic Design Exercises Simulating COVID-19 Protection Systems

11:30-12:30   Round table, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Room 1

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Chairman: Miljana Milić

– Education and Research Reinforced by University and Industry Synergy

Companies – participants:

  1. Teri Engineering, Belgrade. Serbia
  2. Melexis, Sofia, Bulgaria
  3. Veriest, Niš, Serbia
  4. Science and Technology park Niš