Conference Program

Small Systems Simulation Symposium 2020


HERE you can download Symposium program in PDF

Wednesday, February 12th

9:30       Registration

10:00     Opening ceremony


Chairman: Vančo Litovski

10:30     Branko Blanuša, Đorđe Lekić and Predrag Mršić: Control Methods for Efficiency Optimization of Electrical Drives- Present Trends and Perspectives

11:00     Vladimir Zdraveski, Dimitar Trajanov and Ljupčo Kocarev: Linked Data Based Power Grid Management

11:30     Coffee break

SESSION 1, Room 1

Chairman: Ljupčo Kocarev, Dimitar Trajanov

12:00     Tom J Kazmierski, Gines Domenech Asensi: Accelerated simulation of passive analogue VLSI interconnect on GPUs

12:15       Artur Petrosyan: Radiation impact modelling method for gate level design verification

12:30      Živko Kokolanski, Mare Srbinovska and Vladimir Dimčev: Game-based Teaching Approach of Accuracy and Precision

12:45      Željko Hederić, Marinko Barukčić, Toni Varga and Nenad Cvetković: Overview of EV charging stations impact on harmonic distortion in power distribution grid

13:00     Borisav Jovanovic and Srđan Milenković: Automatization of Digital Predistortion and Crest Factor Reduction

13:30     Cocktail

19:30     Conference dinner

Thursday, February 13th

SESSION 2, Room 1

Chairman: Tom J Kazmierski, Branko Blanuša

10:00     Goran Panić, Mohamed Eissa, Lukasz Lopacinski, Nebojsa Maletic and Rolf Kraemer:  Modular Baseband Processing for mm-Wave and THz Communication

10:15     Branko Bukvić, Mihajlo Božović, Zako Arsović, Dušan Grujić and Milan Savić: LimeRFE – A Software Definable RF Front-End Module for SDR Platforms

10:30     Hagai Arbel: Cogita by Vtool – A new approach to simulation debugging

10:45     Vančo Litovski, Jelena Milojković and Miljana Milić: Gm-C filter synthesis based on lc prototypes

11:00     Dejan Mirkovic, Jelena Milojkovic and Vanco Litovski: Parallel synthesis of active RC filters revisited

11:30     Coffee break

12:00     Round table: Education and Research Reinforced by University and Industry Synergy

14:00     Cocktail

Friday, February 14th

SESSION 3, Room 1

Chairman: Goran Panić

10:00     Vladica Sark, Maletic Nebojsa, Jesús Gutiérrez, Eckhard Grass: Performance Evaluation of a Time-of-Arrival Based Indoor Localization System

10:15     Miljan Petrovic: A Graph Perspective on Logic Circuits: Faults, Robustness & Eigenspectrum

10:30     Goran Stančić, Ivana Kostić, Miloš Živković and Ivan Krstić: Approximately linear phase notch filters with magnitude characteristic symmetry

10:45     Luka Spahić and Miljana Milić: SPICE simulation of memristor logic functions

11:00     Dragan Vučković, Nenad Cvetković, Dejan Jovanović, Miodrag Stojanović: UGR as a measure of visual comfort

SESSION 4: POSTER SESSION  – 11:30-12:30, Hall M1

Chairman: Vladica Sark

P.1.        Tatjana Nikolić, Goran Nikolić,Branislav Petrović: Adaptive Controller Based on LMS Algorithm for Grid-Connected and Islanding Inverters

P.2.        Jovan Bajcetic, Davorin Mikluc: Novel Method in Robust Radio Communication Emission Classification

P.3.        Saša S. Nikolić, Dragan Antic, Nikola Dankovic, Marko Milojkovic and Stanisa Peric: New Classes of the Orthogonal Filters – An Overview

P.4.        Igor Jovanović, Andrija Petrušić, Miona Andrejević Stošović and Dragan Mančić: SARIMA and ANN approaches in day-ahead power consumption forecasting

P.5.        Dejan Stevanović, Miona Andrejević Stošović and Predrag Petković: Analysis of existing methods for detection of source of harmonic pollution

P.6.        Milena Stanojlović Mirković, Miljana Milić, Dejan Mirković and Vančo Litovski: Library of Combinational Logic Cells Resistant to Side Channel Attacks

P.7.        Marko Dimitrijević, Vančo Litovski and Ljupco Kocarev: Unified Equation Formulation for Electronic and Electrical Circuits Analysis

P.8.        Miljan Jeremic, Milan Gocić, Miljana Lj. Milic, Jelena Milojković: Development of C# Application for Neural Network Based Precipitation Data Mining

12:30     Coffee break

13:00     Dissemination of results obtained by SSSS2020 participants within projects funded by MPNTR of Republic of Serbia in period 2011-2019

14:00     Closing ceremony